situations 2 preview

These are the Situations from 19 to 25.

You ll find here a preview, a short description, and if you want to order the complete score,
send an email to francois.sarhan[at]

you ll find the preview for the situations 1-18 HERE.

thanks for your interest !

Situation 19

2 performers standing up (no props)

The text is a quotation from Siegfried Buback, former nazi, who was General attorney of Germany in the 70´s.

Situation 20

3 performers or more
one standing up, the others can stand up or sit (no props)

The text is a classical quotation from the moderns.

Situation 22

1 performer
 (no text)

props: one instrument (indifferent), one chair, one music stand, one music score

Situation 23

1 performer  (no props)

The text is a semi quotation from Plato, quoted by Jacques Rancière in Le philosophe et ses pauvres.

 Situation 25

one performer
props: one table, one chair, one glass, one bottle.

The text is a personal statement given by a post modern artist.

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